The Office of the Chief uses a unique combination of law enforcement, community and administrative responsibilities. Chief G. E. Cassady was appointed to the position at the Martinsville Police Department in June 2017. He started his career in law enforcement in 1985 and throughout his career has served in all capacities of the department. The Office of the Chief has many management functions. Chief Cassady sets all policies, rules and regulations of the police department and supervises the employees who report directly to him: one Deputy Chief (Major), two Captains and the Administrative Office Associate. 

In addition to his law enforcement responsibilities, Chief Cassady is a City of Martinsville department head and has a number of responsibilities at City Hall. Chief Cassady meets regularly with the City Manager, attends City Council meetings, and is involved in drafting law enforcement city ordinances.  Chief Cassady sits on several boards including Southside Survivor Response Center (SSRC), Martinsville Adult Education, Piedmont Regional Criminal Justice Training Academy, Martinsville-Henry County 911 Board of Directors, and the Salvation Army Board. He is also a member of the Healthy Community Action Team and Drug Free Martinsville-Henry County.  He regularly attends a number of other community meetings as well.

The Martinsville Police Department budget for fiscal year 2017-2018 was $3.9 million. The department generated $307,753 in revenue from grants and asset forfeiture. Grant funding also provided the department with overtime funds from the Department of Motor Vehicles to address impaired driving, speeding, and occupant protection.  The department aggressively seeks grant funding to help supplement tax dollars. The budget for Fiscal year 2018-2019 is $4.0 million, with just over $868,000 coming from state “599 funds”.